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All works of art for sale displayed here are part of the large collection of contemporary, expressive inspirative art by Aleksandr Klyuyanov (SASHA). Number before the title of a picture is unique. It corresponds to number of this work in the catalog of the artist. All the pictures are for sale. Price list is also located on the site. Your prints on heavy cartridge paper (A4) or on canvas (up to 45x90 cm) will be signed by SASHA and shipped in a protective plastic sleeve. SASHA sells originals, prints, digital files or copyright of every image in his online portfolio. Every image is unframed unless written otherwise.

Browse or search by title or artistic medium. This service is available to buyers, collectors, galleries, arts enthusiasts, art historians, art educators and students. Simply click on one of the categories below. The pictures can be used for decoration of any interior.

I display my own artwork to the general public on the Internet for viewing and/or selling purposes. I am also ready for any cooperation with a person or a company interested in any promotion and/or commercial application of SASHA’s inspirative art.

Shipping/Handling is included in the price of all artwork. International shipping costs may be additional.

If you want to purchase one or any number of my artwork displayed on the site SASHA ART GALLERY or listed in Catalog (up to 2 000 titles) and/or the image(s) copyright(s) on one or more Artist’s artwork you should agree to the following terms and conditions of the Agreement:

I am over 18 years of age and I have read and understand the terms of Agreement: Customer.

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